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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it really is real cowhide, which is intricately processed by various technologies.

Every fashion accessory lives on with its life, and therefore it is necessary to maintain its beauty, get rid of impurities and supply new nutrients. We do not recommend using ordinary beeswax, as the applied coating sticks to the skin's membranes. The ideal treatment is impregnation on the skin or a special agent.

We are preparing Mui Care

Create a durable waterproofing barrier that determines the penetration of liquids and impurities into the skin surface. At the same time, it plasticizes, keeps it breathable and, thanks to the included UV filter, also slows down the process of oxidation and hardening of the skin. This creates a protective filter that gets into the pores of the skin.

Yes, we make to order.

It always depends on the specification of the fashion accessory. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. You can contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

We are pleased to announce that we are preparing a wide range of fashion accessories. However, the development takes some time, but everything is within reach.

Unfortunately, in connection with the pandemic, our products have not been displayed anywhere yet.